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Tuesday, 13 October 2009


Why is it good to write just for yourself? What's the meaning of taking photos without using them anywhere? Is it useless to draw something and never show it to anyone?

Sometimes I got this feeling of emptiness, low effectivity, senselessness. I feel I should do just things that have exact, particular meaning, sense or purpose. But this is wrong.

It's not bad to create something with no aim. If it makes me feel alive and happy and capable to actually do something then it is great. To do such thing. If nothing more, than I take it as an exercise. Training. A lesson in which I improve my creative skills. And experience I gained during this "senseless" activity can (and will be) used in a real-life situation that I might never think of happening.

Moreover. There are cases when some good idea emerges from totally senseless activity. Yeah. 

And I don't know why I am writing about this. Because for lot of people, this is clear and they don't need to think about it more. But I guess I need to re-assure myself again. So, today message for Dušan is: Do whatever you want if it makes you feel better (and others not worse).

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