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Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Fak Fotošop

However we use it so much (and most of us illegaly, hehe), there are some moments when we can show the finger to this program.

For example, yesterday was the case. The task was - to design dvd case cover for Pekarna promo dvd. As cheap as possible (motto: zero is the best budget) and as fast as possible.

Step 1: We reviewed what we have or what we don't have. We have no plastic cd cases.

Step 2: Okay. We took a look around us. Pekarna and any other environment where (creative) people live and work is crowded with various kinds of trash or useless things that just wait to be used or thrown away as piece of junk. And of course, every-day tools and things that we use in our work.

Step 3: Idea - karton. There is always some carton-box that you can rebuild into something... higher. For example - super sexy cd cases.

So the plan is: karton, black stage tape, pen and nice hand-writing. And Pekarna stamp, naturally.

Blablabla. Long story short.

In the beginning, we were thinking of designing some nice cd cover case in photoshop that we would later print and put into plastic thing. But this low-budget, good-looking, enviroment-friendly idea caught, so we could and we happily did skip aaaall the computer(shit)work. Because we suck at Photoshop.

So what? For sure, it would be another small lesson for us. But we like to answer the challenge of doing good old-fashioned manual work - if there is occasion and situation. And IDEA. Yeah, let's go analog.

If we would do it photoshop, I am sure the final result would not look so good and we wouldn't be so satisfied with our job.

Message of today ego-blog: do not be afraid of things you are bad at, use them for your growth. Take them as creative challenge to improve yourself. Let it mean anything.

Use the trash inside and around yourself.

We work in mysterious ways.

(dusan, lucija)

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