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Evropska prostovoljska služba

Pekarna Magdalenske mreže Maribor te vabi, da se tudi ti pridružiš množici prostovljcev/-k Evropske prostovoljne službe (EVS) in odpotuješ v organizacijo po svoji izbiri v drugo državo EU. Smo pošiljajoča in gostiteljska organizacija EVS, ki mladim od 17. in do 30. leta za obdobje največ enega leta uredi vse podrobnosti za brezskrbno in povsem brezplačno delovanje v tujini.
Evropska prostovoljna služba je del programa ERASMUS + Mladi v akciji.

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Tuesday, 26 January 2010

conceptual paths

So, it’s been a week, since Pekarna has a new volunteer – me, Ieva.

Last thing I remember from Latvia, was a crazy morning – my friends were playing a song, specially written for me, and the the main verse said – „ Tonight we're drinking heavily cuz we're loosing what we've got... even though we know that you’ll come back and we will never be betrayed, the sence of uncomfortable silence in the air - we want your flight to be delayed. Forever.”

For that moment I thought quite exactly the same.

And you probably know how can power of thoughts work.

So I was almost too late for the plain.

Before I stepped into the plain, I received a last call –„ don’ t go „ , and then the battery of my phone went off, and was never recharged again.

But you know, there’s another power working in the path of life –

every time you make up your mind on one cause, there comes another things to change it other way around.

And that’s what happened throughout whole last week.

I love the people, I love the place, I’m full of energy and willing to do something to help and improve how everything’s working here, and I’m here for good.

At least for this year.

Thanks to all who made me feel like home here!

Sunday, 3 January 2010

Our first cooking show!

Yeaaah, here it comes!
We will maybe not teach whole Maribor how to cook but we had loooads of fun.
First cooking show by your local E-V-S! With a guest!

Spread it, embedd it, link it, watch it.
Have fun, bon appetite, dober tek

paul, dusan, lucija

Friday, 1 January 2010

Psycho health

In this society, only stupid people can stay sane.
Because it's designed for them.
For people without brain.

All others are doomed to psychological disfunctions, complexes.
I think there's even a research proving that more intelligent you are, more probable you will have some sort of psychological diagnosis, in your (adult) life.

Does it make sense?
Of course. Just think about it.

Or no. Don't. Rather stay normal and healthy.
Live your own thruth.