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Monday, 14 November 2011

Hello from Belgium :)))

It's time for an update :))

Last time I forgot to mention that I also volunteer for another organization here in Belgium called VFG (Vereniging van personen met een handicap or organization for people with a handicap). I went with a group from VFG on a sea trip around Belgium and Netherlands. It was quite a ride for me because I got pretty seasick.

Nevertheless, I survived :)). We also had some live music (one of the workers from VFG played on an instrument). It is a great experience and I will definitely do it again.

OK, back to my EVS work. From the 31st of October until 4th of November YFU offered free culture games to different organizations. Me, a Belgian student (Kira) and a co-worker went to these organizations. I went with, to mainly see how students, who usually carry out these games, do it. It was quite interesting and I learned a lot from Kira. After a couple of games, it was time for me to try it! I was nervous at first (especially since it was in Dutch), but with some help of my co-worker it went pretty great :)). Next games are for winter holidays, but I won't be in Belgium because I'm going home for a visit.

This was on a trip to Antwerp :)))

After my visit at home, I have Dutch exams! I like Dutch so far and I'm trying to talk as much Dutch as I can.

Around the end of January we have a mid-training for EVS. It will be nice to see ALL the EVS volunteers again.

Oh, last week I also met a famous Belgian chef! His name is Roger van Damme. He signed his book for me :))

Until next time :))


Monday, 7 November 2011

EVS in Maribor

Hello everybody, this is the first time I write on this blog. So I may introduce myself first. I’m Katrin from Germany and I’m EVS volunteer in Pekarna. I’m often asked, why I’ve decided on going here… why Maribor… why Slovenia? There is a simple answer: Why not? Slovenia is so diverse in terms of culture and landscape. Maribor is transforming from an industrial city into a city of culture and will be the European Capital of Culture in 2012. Almost every day you have the chance to visit concerts, performances, film-screenings and exhibitions. In short: Maribor is small, but a city with lots of charm.

Two months ago I arrived in Maribor and spent three weeks in the new hostel of Pekarna before moving to a shared accommodation which is situated in the north of the city. But thanks to Maribjke  I can reach the city centre and Pekarna in just a couple of minutes, where I, among other things, work on the programme Guest Room Maribor: Artists from all over the world and from every imaginable artistic field have the opportunity to stay in Maribor for one month, to use the workspaces of the city and to present their works to the public. We are hosting the artists, bring them in contact with other artists, show them around the city and support them in preparing their presentations.

Pekarna is also a member of TEH – Trans Europe Halles, a network of independent cultural centres. Thanks to that I could go to Bordeaux last week, where the second annual meeting of the network took place. It was really great meeting all these creative people from all over Europe. Merci beaucoup TEH and TNT!!

More news next time,