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Thursday, 23 April 2009

Belgium presentation 3

After presentations in Brežice and in Črna na Koroškem, it was time for the tird one in the elementary school Martin Konšak.

I went there on Saturday, 18 April at 8.45. As an all out Belgian raised girl I am not used to working on Saturdays and it's programmed in me to have the whole weekend off. Getting up early, that means somewhere before 10 during the weekends, is just a nono. But hey I'm a good girl and I'll do what I have to do.

After listening to a presentation about healthy food, half of the audience was gone and the other half was given to me. I told them a little bit about Belgium and showed them a lot of pictures. When the presentation was done they could all take a waffle. I had made the waffles the day before and luckily I made enough, because on friday night around 11 I found out that I would have 30 kids instead of 15-20.

Afterwards the group fell apart in even smaller groups and I went with the group that was gonna make posters about Belgium (nature, people, 'de smurfen' aka Smrkci aka the smurfs ) and the EU in Brussel. While the kids were working on their posters I was making waffles and writing an interview down. They were very interested in the waffles and almost all of them wrote the recipe down.

After all of the group gathered in the dining hall to present the work they did that morning. A lot of them used the healthy food theme and others used something about Belgium. One group (one of the younger ones) made little smrkci, another one drawings of the houses in Gent and the group I was with did a version of the Belgian dance.

It was a nice morning and we didn't get everything done that we wanted to do, because we just didn't have enough time left.

Waar komen jullie toch vandaan?
Waar de smurfenhuisjes staan
Hebben jullie ook een eigen taal?
Ja, die spreken wij allemaal
Doen jullie iets wat wij niet durven?
Ja, want wij zijn echte smurfen
Dit is een lied met een leuk refrein
Jullie zijn groot en wij zijn klein

LA la lalalalalalalala
La la lalalalalalalala
La la lalalalalalalalalala

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