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Wednesday, 23 September 2009


My departure and my arrival. Approaching fast. In last few days, I got a feeling like I am leaving the best people, best places, best situations and conditions of my life. I am leaving safe world of my family, Stanica, friends, activities I am doing. I am stepping into different space. New people, new language, place and habits. Of course, I don't leave for good but anyway... it's a strange feeling.

In last few weeks/months, I talk about my departure much - always full of enthusiasm, with a sparkle in my eyes. Not realizing how big impact it will be.
Full of imaginations, expectations, naivity. And now, I got a bit scared because it is actually going to HAPPEN. No more talking and thinking. Acting.

It's like when you talk about something you want to do since so long and then the moment comes where you actually have to do it.
This is it. Moment of truth.

I talk/think too much and act too little. Je suis plein de merde. One of my friend told me last week: "Dusan, you should think 2/3 less and act 4/5 more." He is right. I know. I've been thinking much about it. Hehe.

Maybe it's just another experiment of mine.
We will see the results.

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