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Pekarna Magdalenske mreže Maribor te vabi, da se tudi ti pridružiš množici prostovljcev/-k Evropske prostovoljne službe (EVS) in odpotuješ v organizacijo po svoji izbiri v drugo državo EU. Smo pošiljajoča in gostiteljska organizacija EVS, ki mladim od 17. in do 30. leta za obdobje največ enega leta uredi vse podrobnosti za brezskrbno in povsem brezplačno delovanje v tujini.
Evropska prostovoljna služba je del programa ERASMUS + Mladi v akciji.

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Friday, 2 March 2018

... my first month in Maribor and Slovenia ...

I think it is quite hard to put into words, all the things that have happened during my first month in Maribor and Slovenia. So many new people and places, ideas and languages all flying round my head, it is both overwhelming and exciting! So I will just tell you about the things that have stood out for me the most.

Firstly, THE SNOW. People keep saying that we arrived just in time for the real Slovenian winter. It has snowed almost continually since we arrived and it is hard to believe that Maribor could ever be green and warm. I feel as if we are all sliding and shuffling about like penguins! It has been funny to experience all this snow with Rafa, from Portugal, and Jesús, from Spain. In the beginning we were like children, now Rafa can't believe his eyes when he sees yet another week of below freezing temperatures and snow forecasted...“Minus 15! Minus 15!!! Che Cristo!”

This brings me to the next thing, THE OTHER EVS VOLUNTEERS. I feel very lucky to have met and be working with Jesús and Rafa, they are GREAT! It was also an amazing experience to meet the 18 other EVS volunteers at our arrival training. Our week together in Koper was an exhausting, intense but a very special experience, by the end we felt like a very close group of friends. I don’t think anyone of us wanted to go home, and so we all went to Ljubljana for a karaoke night at Lezbični bar! Finally, I wanted to say something about THE PEOPLE FROM INFOPEKA. I still feel like I am getting my head round around the many branches of Pekarna Magdelenska Mreže but it feels really nice to be learning again, to discuss political and cultural ideas and to have the space and time to put into words and actions my feelings and thoughts. Everyone here has made us feel really welcome and I feel excited to become even more involved!


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