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Friday, 2 March 2018

EVS Experience in Maribor (Slovenia)

Almost three weeks have passed since I arrived for my EVS to Maribor, the second largest city of Slovenia. I have not spent all this time in the city, but I still feel I can make my first conclusions about local people and language, culture and about my feelings living here.

It is my second time in this tiny but lovely country. I came to visit a friend for five days last year and I enjoyed it very much, but this time was going to be completely different. In December 2017, I received a very positive e-mail of our organization, in which it was told to me and my other two colleagues and already friends, Esme from Scotland and Jesús from Spain that the project had been approved and we were coming to Slovenia on the first week of February 2018. I felt excited and nervous at the same time.

February arrived and me also to this unknown city. I confess that these first weeks had been a roller coaster for me: a lot of new people, new challenges, a lot of ideas and new projects, cold weather, a hard language and a completely different life. Although, I am very happy and willing to make the best of this experience. If I think about the time I have already spent in Slovenia, there are some things I couldn’t not mention. The first one is the weather. I have loved the snow since I was a child, but I swear this is the first real winter I have ever experienced. It was pretty funny to feel -16 degrees while skyping with my parents just to show them the snowstorm downtown. I also learnt how to walk, or better said, skate in the frozen and slippy streets of this city. I cannot wait, or as Slovenians said “komaj čakam” for a green and warm Maribor. By the way, I am enjoying a lot learning Slovene, this sonorous and full of tongue twisters language that reminds me, somehow, of Portuguese. It has been very nice learning it with locals. I cannot say anything bad about Slovenians. Calm, respectful and kind people. I will always remember the first time I learnt how to say “can you give a plastic bag?” or “A mi lahko daste eno vrečo, prosim?”. The cashier couldn’t stop laughing on me in a good way.

One of the best things during this month had been to get to know a lot of new people from all over Europe. Different cultures and backgrounds that enrich us. I love spend time with them. We have created a great work and travel team. The on-arrival training during our second week was amazing and special. Now, I feel I know more about myself and about what I want for my future. I grew personally and I got to know better my weaknesses and strengths. I think Maribor and this EVS experience will organize my mind and will make me stronger to achieve my dreams.

Hvala lepa, Slovenija.


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