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Friday, 21 March 2014

The EVS Girls!

The EVS Girls :

Here I am in Slovenia for my European Voluntary Service. I come from the suburb of Paris and i had finished my studies of Plastic Arts. It means that i am a created person who needs experience in art work.
That is why i choose to come to Maribor in Pekarna Magdalenske mreže Maribor association for my European Voluntary Service. Because they have a gallery of art called K18 where they receive international artists.
Pekarna Magdalenske mreže Maribor propose also others missions for volonteers. That is my state of mind when i leave Paris and my family.
Jade, the artist.

I'm also in Slovenia for an European Voluntary Service experience. I'm a french girl ( from Nantes) who like art, culture and cinema. I studied curatoring, to organize exhibitions in art center, museum.
After more reflexions I decided to come to Slovenia to discover a new culture and new country. At Pekarna Magdalenske mreže Maribor to propose my own events and participate at cultural projects as what I studied in France and to have a new experience in a foreign country.
Clem, the curator.

Life, etc...

Two months ago, we arrived in Slovenia at Maribor at Pekarna Magdalenske mreže Mariborfor our European Voluntary Service. We taked time to discover Maribor city and all the possibilities to work in INFOPEKA. The team explained us all the workshops and we were invited to discuss with the others volunteers about their projects. We learned to work with the group of Pekarna Dobis Das and started to know the children. We took photos also for Stopinje Mesta during the walk of the churchs. We assisted at our first Pekarna Potopisti during the meeting about Palestina and thanks it was in English !!
We started this week to work at the gallery K18 with a young slovenian artist. We have helped her to install her work and we participated at the openning. And now we stay every two days to make the permanence of the gallery.
We have many ideas for our own projects and we would like to do an exhibition together at K18. But we have to discuss and make clear our ideas. The best would be that we could invite slovenian artists wich could expose with Jade under a same topic, theme.

During one week, we went outside Maribor for 4 days in Bled for the EVS training. We met new people of different nationalities. Thanks to this training we are able to discover news cities: Bled and also Radovlicja.  These are very beautiful and typical. People were so nice with us, because one day, we had to realize a project with local Slovenian and we discussed with them about their customs and we shared humanity. This training encouraged us to develop our exhibiton project with other EVS volunteers, and to work with them.

To be continued... 

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