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Saturday, 19 December 2009

I work in Pekarna

Things happen.
It never stops.

Don't look back.
Or do.
On your own.

blabla bullshit
Cut the crap, dusan.

Tuesday (22 dec.) at 15.00, in Gustaf
Content: Zeko
Form: over-sized fluffy head, badge, patch, wikipedia entry, stencil, sticker, toy, fairy-tale, myth... and whatever else coming to our minds

A workshot dedicated to our fucked-up hero Zeko. Express your love and care for our depressed rabbit friend. Come home to Gustaf, be creactive, join Zeko Trip.

Finally, we use Gustaf. We - who are we? New blood pumping through veins of what some people call Pekarna.
I want to see Gustaf filled with energy, ideas, creactivity, people, laughter.

Solar Pulse Concerts in Gustaf are beautiful.
Philosophical discussions in Gustaf are fine. Even when I understand 1/3.
Press meetings (tiskovke) in Gustaf where almost nobody comes are sad and boring.
Total Fusion in Gustaf... I wanted to write that it is bullshit but I will give it one more chance.

We will see. What Zeko Trip will feel like in Gustaf.
And a question for you to think: can you imagine bunch of little kids doing some creative stuff in Gustaf?

What I am trying to express long time. Since I came here.
My point is - I want to work again in the culture center where a day of event feels almost like a holiday.
I want to feel I need, want, have to be there. And the rest of the team, as well. Because we do events that we like. We do concerts that we like. We do parties that we like. With/For people we love (or at least like).

I don't want to be in need of a bouncer. Safe-guard. Who kicks out people who behave violently. It makes me sick.
But I know. Reality is different. People are shit sometimes. But we can work on it. Slowly, day by day.

And one more thing.
I want to feel proud about the place where I work. And
I want to feel proud about all the people I work with.
I don't want to feel ashamed when somebody asks me - what do you do.
I want to feel great, replying

I work in Pekarna.

1 comment:

  1. I can feel that you are speaking for the same boat we are on it.

    my daughter is four and a half and she likes gustaf very much. the rest is to be worked out.