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Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Fotografr's two messages of the day

Don't flash if you don't really have to. Or at least, think twice before using it. I know... "bad light" blablabla. But if you REALLY need to use the flash to make a picture, use it in appropriate, emphatic extent. If you are foto-dokumenting some public event, a big external flash doesn't make you a good fotografr. You shouldn't be seen. You have to try to be silent, stealth. As less obvious and visible as possible. Even clicking of the shutter pisses me off.

So keep on your mind that everytime you flash into someone's eyes, you are making (culture, social, whatever) experience less comfortable for him. You are fucking him in quite a direct way. Yeah, fuck you - fotografrs with (big) flash. I say - rather naturally and intimately experienced moment for audience than decently-exposed photos of the event. People are living now, not in the pictures. That's my philosophy as a fotografr. I can discuss it with you further anytime.

Another thing:
English language is wrong with this. Because it says 'camera' but it wants to say 'fotoaparat'. Camera, kamera is for making videos, films. Slavic people, we all understand this. So I suggest you to stop using word 'camera' if you are talking about appareil de photographie. Jaz delam slike s fotoaparatom in filmi s kamerou.
Anyway, I am wrong with this as well, because camera is latin word. But who cares. It's a dead language.
And they are just words, anyway.

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