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Tuesday, 8 July 2014

May: party and festivals by Clementine Clenet

May, the month of festivals and partys. It was also for now the most beautiful months in terms of sunshine.
We started the month by a festival in Ljubljana. In fact, with most of French EVS, we participated at Škisova Tržnica's festival, the 7 of May in the capital. It’s the biggest one day open air student event in Slovenia, with around 20,000 visitors each years. This festival lasts a day. In the morning from 10h to 15h, it consists of several stands where different countries present their culture mainly through food and drink. At the evening, the festival fills and varied concert and music. There is the main stage which presents differents famous bands from Slovenia and everywhere. For the electro's fans, the electro stage is here until the end of the night. To participate at this festival, we went at home of one of french EVS, to prepare tyoical meal. We cooked: goats-spinach quiches, pancakes, otherwise we bought sausages, french baguettes, french biscuits (petit LU), olives and rillettes. We can say it, our stand was the most stocked, the vistors appreciated it really.
Here a video link about the preparation and the progress of this festival :)

No time to recover from this particularly intense festival in terms of party, the next week we went to the Lampiončki festival, also a student festival. Despite the all-day rain, we went to the different concerts. We assisted at one concert from my favorite Balkan band: Dubioza Kolektiv, it was cool.
Then, we went in Ljubljana the 16 of May to celebrate the birthday of an EVS friend.
We took the opportunity to celebrate that of Jade which came just after. It was nice to find again some of EVS to celebrate the birthday of two of them.

As May rhyme with festival, we cannot forget the volunteers's festival in Maribor organized by our structure: Infopeka.
The 21 of May, from 12h to 17h, we participated in the festival bringing together several organizations of Maribor. With Pekarna Magdalenske mreže Maribor, we organized a treasure hunt for children. The goal was to answer about questions at severals volunteers which were in differents place in the square: castle, cinema, bar, etc. At the end, if children gave the good answer, they went back with candies and one ciatation.
Also on the festival's stage, we had the occasion to talk about our feelings and experience about our EVS.


In May, we worked and thought about our exhibition's project, which is organized in June in gelerija K18 in Maribor. We wrote a call for artists in order to find diffrents slovenian artists. Then, we thought about the main topic, what we wanted to highlight.
We found quickly the theme about the body, but we didn't want to expose the body as we can see in the magazines or in classical painting. Look for what the body can hide, if he can translate certains things? We chose to work on what the body can hide something strange, how the body can be alienated, deconstructed, distorted. How the artists, via differents mediums: drawings, paints and video, can speak about a same topic. According to this theme, we chose severals artists. It was clear that Jade would be part of the exhibition.
Following the preparation and exposure to the next episode...

Clementine Clenet

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