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Thursday, 10 July 2014

June by Jade

If i had to resume the month of June i would start by the end. The 30th of June exactly happened the opening of our exhibition FOREIGN BODIES. This date represents also the end of a collectif project between Clémentine and I. And as the same time it is also the middle of our EVS in Maribor. We just arrived 5 months before. Time is running out !

This 30th June was the opening, Clémentine Clénet, Ana Beltran Porcar, (one of the artist of the exhibition) and Sara Zickar (which one we already talk about) was there. I was suprise because we were ready, we didn't have any times of rush or stress time. We had to make a detour to pick up the art work of Ana in Brezice. That means bring back to Maribor two big pieces of painting with frames. This short detour has permited us to visit the town but we especially went to see Ana performed. On the 26th June she had a representation with Marco, a famous musician of Elvis Jackson band. We already knew Ana's work by photos or videos but we never seen it before performed in live. I was really impressed by her energy and her motivation to create something from nothing. I mean that she started to create from the play of Marco. She transcribed the music in painting. It was important for us to see her in her element and to support her actions. Ana follows with her brush the pounding of the baton of Marco. Painting is like an extension of the sound emitted by the drummer. This duo didn't exist before and it takes shape on stage in front of the audience. To tell the truth even if we had in front of us a duet or a collective action, for me the artist is always alone, she has all her individual essence and that day Ana demonstrated that her body make part of her paint.

Behind the Foreign Bodies exhibition we wanted to have different points of view on the body seen by several artists. Manner of games, or more like an academic way, using different technical support, videos, illustrations... there is not a good and an only way to showing body. This body wich is for me our first mark.
Our friend Miquel, who is an other EVS living in Ljubljana, wrote an article at the opening of the exhibition. I let you discover here :

At the same time was the Lent Festival in Maribor. It's an important event of the year and it's during 2 weeks. This festival celebrates folklore, culture and music. Scenes appear throughout the city and not only on the Drava river. At the same time Art Kamp settled in the heart of the main Park of Maribor frome 4pm to 8pm. The place is fantastic for children a lot of activities for free are present and it's also a good time to discover stands from several organizations of Maribor wich are present. It's in this 100% natural setting that a larger stage appears in the middle of the rare food stalls.. I should mention that the culinary part happens on the Lent. Around 20 tents sheltering cooks from Maribor. The cookers came to sell their services every night for 2 weeks.
The contrast between Art Kamp and the edges of the Drava river on the Lent, is obvious. On the one hand, we find ourselves to frolic in the wild grass in the middle of children calm and concentrated on their collage-painting, and on the other this consumer society that always pushes people to regain a slice of pizza for 1 euro where music takes place in a cacophony which sometimes goes wrong with the meal.
In the middle of these two atmospheres that everything seems to be opposite, the city of Maribor who is awakened by some music scenes, and street theatre performances which born with the sandstone of the walks. Courtyards let us discover and lead us into unknown places of Maribor, sometimes to the sound of percussion or Dj set improvised. In summary we had the opportunity to share many good moments in a motley crowd, who came to partying and seeking surprise.

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