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Tuesday, 3 June 2014

"And what about April?"

"The day of change"/Dan za spremembe 2014!

In some organisations in Maribor: Saturday 5th April 2014, it was the day of changement.
We went with a colleague and a cameraman to interview those organisations: What are you doing today? What means the changement for you?
We went in a retirement home, people have planted trees in the garden. After, we visited a space where people cleaned to have a best environnememt and we also went in the building to eat a pan-cake :).
About Pekarna Magdalenske mreže, there was also a lot of activities: clean the garden in common with Gustaf to install some furniture outside. Then, we did some seeds balls to throw them in the city. It was cool to discover other part, quarter of Maribor. There was also, seams workshops with clothes recycled, to do bags, news clothes,...
Also, children had workshops for them: making workshops of puppets and toys coming from the goods. It was really a good day, to allow changements and creation of people.

"And what about April?"

In french we said : Avril, ne te découvre pas d'un fill. That could be translated by Stay fully clothed in April. Indeed, in Slovenia, April rhymes with air flow, winter rain and momentary gleams.
We passed our month to work on the exhibition of Laure Ličer at the Galery K18, we also started to work more seriously to work on our EVS project and we travel when we had free time. This month the gallery K18 received the work of an slovenian artist, Laure Ličer, she works on illustrations. The artist paintings are between painting and illustration. The artist presents a world full of imaginary pictures and magical which hide sometimes the harsh reality : the violence of the life and her cruelty. The accumulation of drawing and colour, makes her work hypnotic. Her work arouses as the same time the world of a child who would grown too fast. By using this bright colour, her paintings are also decorative and plastic art work. We work on the establishment of her works in the gallery and we try to make the best possible her works appreciable. We met the artist one day before the opening and she started working on the establishment immediately.
We started to work this month on our own EVS project. We just work on it more seriously, because until now it was just some ideas who needed to be put in form.
We decided to work together and to organize a collective exhibition in the gallery K18. We talked a lot about the subject/thema and about the maniere we would like to work : in collelctif, times for workshop where we could share our experiences around discussions. In one side we have Jade's works, the artist who desire to exhibit her works. And in other side, Clementine the coordinator and curator of the project. She leads the exhibition.
What it taken a lot of time it was the redaction of the call for artist because we didn't know yet for who we will send it. And for us it was the first time that we did this.
Collaborative work is also new for us. We learn to listen each others and we also learn to make compromises. But at the end we work well together and our differences move the project forward. The Open call written, we just need to send it. We are currently in contact with slovenians artists and other eves who want to participate at the exhibition.

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