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Thursday, 1 July 2010

final (report) from dušan

This is a part of my final report that I was supposed to write, because my (and Paul's) voluntary service in Pekarna is just finished. It's a list of my activities.

It is hard to review briefly what I have been doing 9 months of my EVS because it was many little roles and tasks and the bigger picture is quite complex. But I can say I functioned as photographer, assistent-technician and versatile creative element and local networker. More concretely, I was

-photographer of PMM events (mainly concerts)
-organizer and co-founder of cycle of weekly photo sessions called Group Photo Therapy
-co-organizer of creative Zeko-trip workshops
-organizer and lecturer of Viral Marketing workshot
-junior technician and light designer for the concerts organized in PMM's concert hall Gustaf
-co-organizer and participant of stage light design workshop in cooperation with my sending organisation
-co-organizer of Dali Dali exhibition in Gustaf
-technical support of Vegan dinners and international conference „New Times New Models“
-member of volunteer team around Project Maribajk (driver and technical support)
-occasional asistent of several workshops organized by MISC Infopeka
-supporter in the promotion of PMM's and INFOPEKA's programmes and events
-together with my boss, speaker and dramaturgist of our radio show Radio Radio in Radio MARŠ
-with my fellow evs Paul, I’ve worked on interventions in the public space: Neighbourhood Lunches ( and Fu*cking Co*king Show (,;
-about my activities, I was reporting at Pekarna website throught EVS blog
-initiator and founder of „art-group“ called Creactive Bastards of Maribor, connecting active people with similar interests and ideas trying to execute them
-co-designer and co-producer of Solar Pulse Music indie label (badges, t-shirts, cd covers, bags)
-technical support of La Vitrine, artists in residency
-lecturer of photo lessons in social program PUM
-occasional concert video maker
-initiator of countless unexecuted ideas and projects

I will write more personal point of view on whole 9 months of my life in Maribor, later - from my home-country/-town/-organization/-whateva.
(for now, I will miss lot of people from here. But I will be coming back anyway. From time to time.)

By the way, our goodbye party is tomorrow evening in Pekmez gallery (Koroška 18). Our train is leaving Friday morning.

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