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Friday, 5 March 2010

yeast invasion! jar emergency!

Hey people!
The other day, at Zeko trip, we mixed some flour and water to make some glu for the mask. But we didn't use it, and I recycled it into yeast (you know, the thing that makes bread rise). As I had already attempted this a few times, without success, I didn't expect much from this one. But it turned out to be more than fine: it's damn powerful! The most rubbery, bubbly, active yeast I ever made. I could make bread for the whole town now. I have 6 half-full jars already, and if it works well, quantities will double everyday.

- Wait, what's that noise...
(bubbling sound in the back)

- What? I didn't hear anything?.

Well, mmmh. Anyway I could just throw lots of it but it would be a waste. So I'm looking for jars, big jars, many big jars so I can store the ever growing yeast!

(louder bubbling sound)

- Hey, what the f....!
- Oh my god! It's alive!
- Aaaaaaargh it's got my leg. Run, Sandy! Go get some help!
- But what about you, John?!!!
- It's too late for me, Sandy, but you are still young! Run while you can!
- I will never forget you John
- I love you Sandy...
- Oh! John...

(sunset on the beach)

John dies. The Monster Yeast slowly eats him, starting from the left foot. Sandy runs slow-motion on the beach, with her tits showing off through her wet white shirt and her blonde hair dancing in the wind.
Will she managed to reach the camp and warn everyone about the Monster Yeast?

But my point is, I need jars. So if you have any, please bring them to Pekarna. Thanks.

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