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Friday, 19 February 2010



The first neighbourhood lunch happened on January 23rd and it was a success.
A young Slovene-Sri Lankan couple came, and a lady and her daughter joined us a while later.
We were sitting in the block hall, and lots of people passed by, all smiling and promising to join "drugič".
It was the first milestone, the ground for future evolution and development. We commited to make it for often, at least when springtime would come. The grassy area in front of the building could welcome picnics and various performances - theater, screenings...


You noticed my style is pretty monotonous today.
I'm going through some kind of "flat" phase.
Although Dušan, Urška, Gregor or the bands would compliment me on the job I did for the benefit concert last night, I myself know, for having lived it minute by minute during the evening, that I was not present, physically nor mentally, every time I should have. A thousand little things I fucked up, which I usually handle quite well. With light and sound management, relating to the people, organizing the evening...
This is a symptoma of my overall tireness. Or maybe the tireness makes me see everything black-ish.
I also have the feeling that, halfway into my EVS, I haven't accomplished anything nor even properly integrated in the team. Yeah, sure, I give a hand. But what do I bring new, how do I modestly but concretely try to improve Pekarna's programme and its realization? How am I Dušan Dobiaš, somehow? Still wondering...

Rad bi šel na praznike, but as yesterday gave me hope for warmer days, today rain came back, too.

So... where's the fuckin' exit?


PS: I'm not depressed

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