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Friday, 14 February 2020

January by Lucas

January not only marks the start of a new year but also the halfway point of my trip as an ESC volunteer. This gave me an occasion to pause and look back over the past five months. In fact, it was an entire working week to look back on because the Slovenian national agency MOVIT invited me and other European volunteers to a midterm evaluation in which we analyzed and evaluated every aspect of the time we spent in Slovenia. In addition to a detailed reflection on what has already happened, important aspects of the next half of the ESC were also discussed. For example, which personal goals we still want to fulfill and which projects we want to implement. But also outside of the midterm evaluation, january was rich in events and activities. At RUBRIKA: FILMOPEKA, we are getting closer and closer to our first own film review, as we are constantly expanding our skillset. German classes are going just as well, conveying my knowledge gives me great pleasure. Although I have to add that it is very easy with participants to feel joy about it. Because in addition to zeal and curiosity, they also bring a lot of fun and good humor to the classes. Furthermore, the end of my Slovenian course turned out to be successful because I received a language certificate after passing the final exam. So at the end I can say that January was a good month for me.

baby Lucas :)

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