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Wednesday, 18 July 2018

June by Rafa

June was a rollercoaster month, with many ups and downs. A lot of happy moments but also some sad and difficult ones. Time continues flying and almost five months have passed since I arrived to Slovenia. To me it seems it was yesterday when I arrive to Infopeka for the first time. Last time I was telling you that I was feeling home, but sadly, this month I do not feel it anymore. This month my relation with Maribor has been like a hate-love one. Some days I liked it a lot and some I really wanted to escape from here.

So, which positive things can I take from June? A lot, for sure. I travelled to Sweden and Portugal. It was a very useful and nice experience being part of this project called “Becoming part of Europe”, thinking and writing a report for the EU Commission to try to change the refugees and asylum seekers situation and conditions in Europe.

In addition, it was great being again in my hometown, Lisbon, the place where my heart is. We had a lot of activities during Lent Festival and it was great having my parents and my sister in Slovenia. We went around the country and to Austria and Croatia. We had a lot of fun and we laughed a lot, as we always do. I miss them a lot already!

I really enjoyed being in the Ljubljana Pride Parade 2018, something needed here: I felt I could be myself and shout out loud for my rights and for the LGBTQ+ community in the country. It was a very happy moment that will stay with me.

Although this month was quite hard for me, I am sure that great things are coming, many ideas are flying around and I have good company. Let’s be positive!

Hvala lepa, Slovenija.

PS: We need to change you, little country!



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