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Monday, 29 June 2015

February, March, April, May, June – 5 months already?!

My European Voluntary Service started in February. At the beginning, spending almost whole year in foreign country seemed like quite a long time. Not now. Five months already passed. That means my EVS is in the half. What I managed to do during this time? As I said earlier, EVS volunteer can work by very various activities in Pekarna Magdalenske Mreže. But let me to focus just on one, photographing.

As enthusiastic photography fan I somehow received role of Infopeka's „proffesional“ official photographer. Photographing of events, photographing of workshops, photographing of lectures, etc. Simply, a lot of fun. Of course, even photographing can be sometimes boring a little bit. There is really hard to find something interesting on photographing the lecture if speaker has only one emotion in his face for whole two hours of his talking. Here is one example.

But much more often situation is totally different. Horrible light conditions, working with unknown people, lack of time, etc. Especially Dan za spremembe (Day of change) was full of such „problems“. Photographing handicapped people. Moving from one event to another without possibility to real participation. Photographing Greenpeace event in total darkness without using flash, etc.

Photographing sometimes can be even dangerous a little bit. Some of Infopeka's volunteers are very active in public engagement. Because of that, I was also participating as photographer on two protests against privatisation in Ljubljana. It is very interesting experience to do such a thing. Especially when your language skills are not very good. Not all people like to pe photographed so sometimes can happen that that somebody start to shout: „Ne slikaj!“ and a lot of other words which I didn't understand. I can only estimate their meaning. Simply, photographing for Infopeka is real challenge. 

Marek Šurkala

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