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Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Looking forward to Stoptrik


As far as now only Zoltan has posted his messages on the EVS blog of Pekarna, but it’s a high time that you all should recognized me, the other volunteer.

I’m Polish. I’m 23 years old. And all my projects are connected to the cinema.

Let’s begin with the Stoptrik International Film Festival, which is the most important project for me. It all started in the very beginning of my stay in Maribor. It turned out that Pekarna has been willing to organize film event devoted to stop motion animation for last few years, but this year there is a real big chance to have settled the project. Maribor is going to be European Culture Capital in 2012 and one can senses the great creative spirit in the city. Everyone is trying to establish new projects as a part of the Maribor 2012 programme. And so do we! It’s a real challenge to attend the meetings with the members of council, present them our idea and – don’t be scared to use this word – lobby for this as much as it’s possible.

I come from the city with rich and long tradition of animated film festivals. For several years I’ve been working with the organizers of Krakow Film Festival and I have noticed how hard is this work. But right now in Pekarna I discover how pleasant and exciting it is as well. As a Festival Director I contact artists and producers, keep an eye on our team, create budget and last but not least introduce idea of Stoptrik to everyone who is willing to support this project. Although, my major worries concern the sponsorship. Without involvement of the companies we won’t be able to organize a professional event.

And this is the thing about Slovenia – it’s worth to have such festival here. People are willing to attend screenings of animated films. I saw it in December in Ljubljana during the Animateka. And even next week there’s going to be held an evening of Polish animated films in Škofja Loka. But Slovenia it’s only about Ljubljana and I believe that Stoptrik is the chance for Maribor to have their own highly professional film festival.

Wish me luck!


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  1. Jesteś tam jedynym wolontariuszem? Pozdrawiam i życzę powodzenia:)