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Sunday, 5 September 2010

Another obviosity

“Working restrains us to the lathe, carves us into the shackles of compressed pants and reduces the size of penis with every work hour per week.”

Well, so does the real life, that’s why I have so many problems with it.

And, as the summer time here is almost over, I have to move to another apartment due to some problems with the flat keeper, and I have some problems with my neediness towards people around me, I am putting my travel bag on a stick and going on the road for the next two weeks.

Good, that it at least somehow goes hand in hand with more or less work – being co-boss of the tour of my band, otherwise I would feel a bit worse about myself.

The road will somehow go down into Balkans.

By the way - here's the lovely poster. Once you've seen it, you have to come, otherwise bad luck and lack of warm slippers will follow you allthrough the winter time.

By now I can’t quite define if I’m excited or anxious about that – it always somehow mixes in my head, due to my bad temper, that needs the world to go two times faster and more righteous my way, than it does.

Anyways, my only hope is that the bus won’t break down, that the border guards will be nice enough and that we won’t end up in the middle of nowhere without gas and food sucking on strayed grasshoppers.

I hope my mind will stay straight enough to make some pictures and remember some funny stories that need no censorship, and if it happens – they will be posted here.

Also as soon as I will get back, Pekino restarts – for now there are already 3 movies on my mind to show to wider audiences. I can only say – as fun as they are, they also might be a bit distracting, but, God damn it, you have to somehow fight with “Udarnik’s” programme, that even included the artiest softporn of year 2009 – “Antichrist”.

p.s. just sent an email to the insurance company about the procedure how to get myself a glasses.

If everything goes right, autumn in Slovenia also should strike on me with a perfect sight and classic 70's wide frame glasses (I sooo hope for that).

Be prepared.

People go hibernating, and I go full retard.

Ah, and the song. To keep it all balanced.

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